Libearate$250K image by Cedar West and the TCC Media Department for the Tacoma Community College OER Project is shared with a CC-SA license.

Liberate$250K Campaign

At the beginning of Academic Year 2012/13 the OER Project promised students that Tacoma CC would save students a collective $250,000 in textbook costs by the end of June 2014.

We started our "Liberate $250K" campaign in September. As of April 2013 we have saved students a collective $266,000 in textbook costs. For the 1200 students who were enrolled in OER courses, this savings is between $70 and $350, depending on the course and which resources students choose to purchase. We are excited to continue the momentum of the "Liberate $250K" campaign by inviting our faculty to continue to adopt open education resources where appropriate.

The goal of the OER Project is to increase access to education by
lowering textbook costs while providing quality learning experiences. For more information about the campaign, the OER Project, or our findings please contact Quill West, OER Project Director.